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Is your boat making a CRaB out of you?

At CRaB, when we do a monthly cleaning of your boat we will keep you informed of any issues that may exists with your hull and running gear (props, shafts, rudders, trim tabs, intakes, thru-hulls, sensors,paint condition, etc.) before they become a major issue.
We also make sure you have the necessary zinc anodes installed in order to prevent any pitting due to electrolysis.

Many boat owners think a new paint job means they don't need to have their boat cleaned for 6 months to a year. The new paint will slow down the growth, but it will not stop it.
We wait at least 8 weeks after your boat has been painted before we do the first clean to give the paint time to cure, and then use a soft brush to remove the algae growth.

 By keeping the growth to a minimum it's less likely that we would have to scrape any hard growth on the hull. By avoiding hard scrubbing and scrapping, less paint is removed and the paint last longer. When the water temp's drop below 70 degrees you can skip a month, if you choose, due to the fact that the growth slows down a lot. Although in some areas when the cold water sets in the oysters start taking over so keep that in mind.

Here's the best part...all that from *$1.80 per foot!

We can set you up on a monthly basis, or give us a call before your big trip.

Family owned and operated.

CRaB Cleaning Service
(727) 485-6089

*For normal growth (less than 2 months since last clean). Up to $8.50 per foot for heavy growth (rate is just for the first clean only, goes back to the regular price there after). I/O's are $20.00 extra per I/O.

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